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Thinking Like an Investor in a Pandemic

If you’re like me, you’re probably looking around the world right now and feeling pretty uncertain. Things feel shaky and scary and some of us have lost jobs or housing during this pandemic/recession. The economy can feel like a fragile thing that we are all tied to. But let’s think back to the last big […]

Number 1 starter tool for real estate investing

With my first investment property I accidentally ended up doing something that I would highly recommend to first time investors. It’s a simple tool that’s gaining momentum in the self starter real estate investment world (people like you and me who are beginning their real estate journey from scratch). It’s called house hacking and it […]

The Real Estate Market in 2020

Things feel uncertain right now in more ways than one. And this is showing in the real estate market, too. For example, one investment property of mine is increasing in value – market reports for that neighborhood show that similar homes nearby are selling for much higher than they were last year and that property […]

Step 3: Long Term Growth

So you’ve figured out your budget, found a lender and real estate agent to work with, and are ready to start honing in on the neighborhood you want to buy in. This is where you need to be strategic. My goal when I buy a rental property is to buy in a neighborhood that fits […]

Quick Post: Recession and Real Estate

Much like everything else in your life right now, real estate is being effected by the pandemic and recession that the global economy is facing. I’ve been keeping an ear to the ground to understand how that is effecting my local real estate market. Here’s what I’ve seen: Some buyers have more bargaining power. A friend […]

Step 2: Flexible Income Opportunities

So you’ve got your budget figured out, have mapped out neighborhoods that you think have great rental potential, and are scanning properties on real estate sites or even visiting properties in person. What are you looking for? It’s not just the quality of the appliances, bedroom sizes, and views you should be assessing. Flexible income […]

Rental Income Changed My Life

I found myself in a place that many people have experienced. I didn’t like my job, I was deeply unhappy at work, but I was trudging on everyday because *golden handcuffs*.  I was starting to look down the long tunnel of a corporate ladder and think that maybe this isn’t for me. But I stayed. […]