Rental Income Changed My Life

I found myself in a place that many people have experienced. I didn’t like my job, I was deeply unhappy at work, but I was trudging on everyday because *golden handcuffs*.  I was starting to look down the long tunnel of a corporate ladder and think that maybe this isn’t for me. But I stayed. For years. Because that’s right. It’s tough to leave.

The salary. Ego. Fears about what people would think. HEALTH INSURANCE. Choosing to leave a job is a delicate balance of sizing up how much you are willing to give up to make a change that may or may not work out.

Is it worth it?

It depends.

But I was lucky. I had a secret weapon.

Two years prior to leaving a job that was not fulfilling me anymore, I had made a decision that would ultimately give me the flexibility and empowerment to go without my corporate salary. I made an investment that would turn a profit every month. I had created an exit plan without really knowing it at the time. I had just wanted to be a smart investor. And now, through that investment, I had the flexibility to leave a job I didn’t like, assess what I wanted to do next, all without stressing about finances.

And I think you could do this, too.

Because I think we tell people too often that investing like this is for established players, it’s for people with wealth, it’s too complicated.

But if I could do it, and do it successfully, you can do it.

And all I did was buy a house.

But not just any house. I had bought a house that would allow me to create rental income. Every month. Without reporting to a boss or showing up to a job.

The first thing people say is “but the down payment”.  Saving up to put down 20% is scary, who really has that much cash? But if I did it, you can do it.

And managing renters? Managing an Airbnb?

If I did it, so can you.

But the big secret is:

The payoff is worth it. 


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